Acquiring a franchise can be an attractive alternative to starting your own independent business. It gives you the opportunity to exercise your skills and abilities while reducing much of the risk that can be associated with running your own business. Many studies that have shown the success rate of new (non-franchise) business startups conclude one thing: new business start-up is risky and over 90% fail within three years. On the other hand, the recent Gallup Poll of franchisees found that over 94% considered their endeavor successful and that over 75% would buy their franchise again if they had it to do over. What a deal!

Another practical reason to buy a franchise is that the investment can be thoroughly researched before any significant expenses are incurred. With a new, non-franchised business startup, you can often feel like you are operating in the dark. There are just so many aspects to get a handle on! With a franchise, the franchisor has already done the research and leg work for you. They are a wealth of information! From how to prepare a pro forma, to defining the brand and personality traits for the company, a franchisor can help you every step of the way!

At Bulldog Interactive Fitness, we back our franchisees by offering the know-how, the training, the systems and a group of experienced professionals in all fields of youth fitness, nutrition and psychology to help you drive your business. With new programs, merchandise and state-of-the-art equipment developed and marketed internationally, we offer global scope for Bulldog owners.

Now that we have convinced you that investing in a franchise is a good idea, what is it that makes franchising with Bulldog better than all the rest? It's simple: our franchisees don't take a cookie cutter business and place it in another city, they actually get involved in the business process and decision making. The franchisees at Bulldog work as a team and share ideas freely. We value their diverse backgrounds and varied strengths and have - and continue to build - an incredibly strong system of sharing "gold nuggets" from each of our owners.

So, stop thinking about opening one of those fast food joints; get on the fast and fit track and open a franchise with Bulldog Interactive Fitness. And remember…work, play, it's all the same® at Bulldog Interactive Fitness!

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