Becoming a Bulldog franchisee is simple. But first we would like to ask you 3 easy questions:

Do you enjoy being around kids and want to keep them healthy?

Are you enthusiastic?

Would you like to be your own boss?

Answer yes to all of the above? You could be just the person we are looking for! At a time when childhood inactivity and obesity are reaching epidemic proportions, there is no better time to join the Bulldog team!

Now we suggest that you read, read, read! Find articles on the internet about franchising. Read franchise magazines and books to make sure you know all about the franchising world. Take a look at your lifestyle and your finances to make sure it's the right move at this point in your life. !

In making an informed decision, prospective franchisees should examine the start-up costs of opening their own business, and then weigh them against stepping into a franchise operation that has a team of advisors and professionals developing programs and state-of-the-art equipment full-time! Bulldog offers you the opportunity to own and administer your own youth fitness facility with all the guidance and support you will ever need.

After looking over our website and all that soul-searching, if you are seriously contemplating a franchise with our organization we invite you to fill out our brief online application form. Upon receiving your application, we will contact you to set up an interview, which will give us a chance to get to know you better, and will give you an opportunity to find out more about us and how our organization works.

If you really feel that a Bulldog franchise is the perfect fit for you, we will send you a package with the full application form for you to fill out. Just simply fax or email it back to us when you are done.

We will then schedule a more in-depth interview; we will ask you for references, both personal and work-related; and we will ask your permission to conduct criminal and financial background checks. As this is happening, we will send you the legal franchise documents, which we suggest you take to a lawyer and an accountant for their approval. These documents will give you the information you need to help you make your final informed business decision.

At this point we would like to invite you to visit us at a Bulldog Interactive Fitness facility to spend the day talking to everyone and anyone that makes our gym operate, including parents, members, employees and franchise owners. This is an excellent opportunity to picture yourself in your own Bulldog facility!

Now it's decision time! All of the information you have provided to us is given to the Board of Directors. There, we discuss your profile, your aptitude for running a successful Bulldog facility, your financial capabilities and your drive and energy to succeed. If your application is accepted, you will have 14 days in which to make a decision and sign the documents for your territory.

After all documents are signed, we pop the cork and celebrate! WELCOME TO THE BULLDOG FAMILY! From here we will work closely with you to find and develop your Bulldog facility.

One last thing, remember that we are always here to answer any questions. There are NO silly questions - this is a huge step you are considering, so at any time throughout the process please feel free to ask us anything at all.

Now, go pick up the phone or drop us an e-mail, we're looking forward to hearing from you!

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